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Deep Hole Products & entire Oil Rig Cities for sale from US Based Company.

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We have several US clients who have used Rigs & Cities for sale including but not limited to:


Drilling Rig

  1. Drilling Derrick/Mast: The tall structure supporting the drill string.
  2. Substructure: The base that supports the drilling rig.
  3. Drill Floor: The platform where drilling operations are managed.
  4. Drill String: The column, or string, of drill pipes that transmits drilling fluid to the bit.
  5. Drill Bit: The tool used to crush or cut rock at the bottom of the borehole.
  6. Rotary Table: A mechanical device on the drill floor that turns the drill string and bit.
  7. Top Drive System: A motor that drives the rotation of the drill string.

Oil City Power System

  1. Engines/Generators: Provide power for the rig.
  2. Fuel Tanks: Storage for diesel or other fuels.

Complete Circulation System

  1. Mud Pumps: Circulate drilling fluid (mud) through the drill string.
  2. Mud Tanks: Store drilling fluid.
  3. Shale Shakers: Separate cuttings from the drilling fluid.
  4. Desanders and Desilters: Remove finer particles from the drilling fluid.
  5. Degasser: Removes gas from drilling fluid.

Blowout Prevention System

  1. Blowout Preventer (BOP): A high-pressure valve at the top of the well that can be closed if there is uncontrolled flow from the well.

Handling Equipment

  1. Hoisting System: Includes drawworks, crown block, and traveling block for lifting drill string.
  2. Pipe Racks: Store drill pipes and other tubular goods.
  3. Catwalk: The area where pipe is laid out before being lifted into the derrick.
  4. Tongs and Slips: Used to handle and secure pipes.

Safety Equipment

  1. Fire Suppression System: Includes fire extinguishers and other fire-fighting equipment.
  2. H2S Detection System: Monitors and alerts the presence of hydrogen sulfide gas.
  3. Emergency Shutdown System (ESD): A safety system that can shut down operations in case of an emergency.

Control Systems

  1. Driller’s Console: Control panel for the driller to manage operations.
  2. Instrumentation and Sensors: Monitor parameters like pressure, temperature, and flow rate.

Oil Field Accommodation and Support Facilities

  1. Living Quarters: Accommodation for crew members.
  2. Kitchen and Mess Hall: Food preparation and dining facilities.
  3. Office Space: For management and administrative tasks.
  4. Workshop: For maintenance and repair of equipment.
  5. Storage Units: For equipment and spare parts.
  6. Communication Systems: Radios, satellite phones, and other communication tools.

Transport and Mobility

  1. Trucks and Trailers: For transporting equipment and materials.
  2. Helicopter Pad: If located in a remote area, for transporting personnel.

Environmental Protection Equipment

  1. Waste Management System: For handling and disposing of waste materials.
  2. Spill Containment Equipment: To manage and contain spills.

This list covers the primary equipment needed for a fully operational deep hole land oil rig, ensuring both the functionality and safety of drilling operations.

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